FutureNOW! Conference @Design39

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FutureNOW! Conference @Design39

Registration Link: http://sdcoe.k12oms.org/1020-94494

FutureNOW! Conference @Design39
May 02, 2015

The 1st annual FutureNOW! Conference @Design39 will feature an engaging variety of professional learning and collaborative networking opportunities.  We are excited to convene educators who are reimagining learning experiences in their classrooms and schools.

Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote:  Poway Unified Superintendent John Collins will be sharing about initiating Design39Campus and his visit to Washington DC for the 100 Future Ready Superintendents Summit
  • Featured Session Facilitator:  Grant Lichtman, author of #EdJourney
  • Interactive breakout sessions focusing on Design Thinking, Growth Mindset, Inquiry-Based Learning, Personalization, Technology, Communication & Collaboration, Creative Confidence, and Global Connections
  • Innovative School Model Showcase
  • Makerspace experiences with Fab Lab San Diego
Event Details
Title FutureNOW! Conference @Design39
Date(s) May 02, 2015
Time 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
7:30 – 8:30 AM – Registration & Breakfast
Audience Teachers, Site & District Leaders
Facilitator(s) Brenda Hall
Included Coffee in morning & lunch provided
Price $ 50.00 per individual

Check or purchase order should be made out to:

San Diego County Superintendent of Schools
La Costa Canyon High School
1 Maverick Way – Room 720
Carlsbad, CA  92009

Purchase orders can also be faxed to 760-632-2361

Location Design 39
17050 Del Sur Ridge
San Diego, CA 92127
Map | Driving Directions
Maps and directions provided by Google® Maps. Please verify map and driving directions for accuracy prior to attending event.
Contact Brenda Hall
Sponsor North County Professional Development Federation (San Diego COE)

San Diego-Based Educators Twitter List

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sandiego_1_bg_071302When I first joined Twitter back in 2008, I think I was connected to more Twitter education folks in Indonesia than in San Diego. In 2014, I am proud to say San Diego is more than represented in Twittersphere, and even more importantly, I have met many of them in person. I have been building a list of the many San Diego-based educators to follow and you can find them on this Twitter link: https://twitter.com/socratech/lists/sdedu. I hope to continue to grow this list and connect the dynamic collaborative community even more, so please don’t hesitate to connect with me at @socratech.

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With the viral buzz that Code.org is generating around coding in education, we need a similar push for financial literacy. For someone who has been advocating for coding in K12 education for years, it has been fulfilling to see the growth of Hour of Code in schools and classrooms this week. I am a big fan of what Code.org has created and the collaborations they have made with industry, government, entertainment and education. It is my hope that the week inspires coding in K12 on a regular basis. And yes I am quoting Ashton Kutcher, “Computer science belongs in every public school, right next to biology, chemistry, or Algebra.” Now it is time to make a push for another important topic that students need regular exposure too, and that is Financial Literacy.

As I recollect in my K12 education, there were very few times when I really explored financial literacy. It was always tied to a money-based math problem or some career day visit from a “business” guy. But nothing in depth to fully understand the adult financial world I live in today. I would love to see some foundational finance basics be a regular part of our K12 experience to give every student an opportunity, just how Code.org is giving anyone an opportunity to learn coding.

It was good to see Khan partner with Bank of America as a first step with Better Money Habits. However, I dream for a similar Code.org collaboration in hopes to create what I call #HourOfFinance.

So I leave this idea for someone to build the platform and share with the K12 education community…thank you in advance! A simple credit would suffice.

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New Hashtag: #codeK12

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It was a few years ago when I said the next foreign language in K12 education was going to be programming languages. There is no question that Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin are languages to learn in the future, but the ability to speak the language of computers deserves the same attention. Recently, I attended the California STEM Symposium, where code.org CEO Hadi Partovi highlighted the $500 billion opportunity in jobs and that less than 2.4% of college students graduate with a degree in computer science (https://code.org/promote). Moreover, he also mentioned that only 1 out 10 schools offer some form of programming classes. It is clearly evident that K12 education is not aligned with the industry demands of coding professionals.

While the keynote left many of us asking more questions, it left me rejuvenated to keep pushing the need for coding in K12 education. One of the ways we can join together is through connecting the educational community around the topic to begin sharing, questioning, and promoting the coding movement. In my search in Twitterverse, I couldn’t find a hashtag that brought the K12 community around the topic of computer science and coding. I figured the first step was to start a hashtag called #codeK12 to begin the conversation. I look forward to connecting with the K12 coding pioneers there…And if there is another hashtag that already exists, that is awesome and I will gladly join that conversation stream.

I Am Going To Like School…

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“Change Happens at the Speed of Trust” – #STEAMConf14

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One of the more profound quotes I have heard in quite awhile. Not only did I have the pleasure of attending the first ASCEND Conference at Qualcomm yesterday, I was honored to guest tweet for the hosting organization @steamconnect. As the social media guest for the day, I tried to capture events as they were happening and quotes that were meaningful for me. The one message that stood out for me was brought up by Denise Grande who quoted an employee of Boeing in her presentation, “Change happens at the speed of trust.

There were an array of presentations yesterday representing policy makers, educators, industry, non-profits, research, and even students. In my opinion, the students of EastLake High School dance team were definitely one of the big successes in the entire conference. While I won’t go into all the details of each speaker (you can check my @steamconnect tweets), the overall message was to continue to challenge all of us to work together in defining, advocating, researching and implementing STEAM education. A noble cause that aligns with my belief in intersecting the Arts with STEM education.

The positive energy was palpable with the many different STEAM stakeholders, and you left the day with plenty of hope. It was inspiring yet also left me asking more questions. For me, this often happens at conferences where we bring “like minds” together and, for the most part, we are preaching to the choir. Replete with inspiration, we then go back to our separate worlds and face immediate challenges that stray us from what inspired us in the first place. For some, it pushes us to work even harder; for others, it is deflating. Yet the quote above leaves me with hope that change can happen despite the challenges. We just have to adjust the lens and begin with something more simple. Building and maintaining trust is the prerequisite to change.

Post for another day, but keeping my thoughts on this subject of change: F3 (Find the Found First)

The funny part is that it brings me back to the conference where I have met all the found. Now the challenge is to connect the found with everyone else. There was a great quote from Ed Hidalgo from Qualcomm: “How do you aspire for something that you don’t know exists?” I thank @steamconnect again for the opportunity and will continue to collaborate with the many innovative and creative people who attended the ASCEND Conference yesterday. Change takes time and it all begins with building relationships with each other. I look forward to connecting with many of you.

My other favorite quote from yesterday: “We can teach our workforce to write code, what we need is employees to imagine what we need to write code for.” -Grande

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Google Apps Summit at SDCOE

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ImageOur team is very excited to present at the next Google Apps Summit at the San Diego County Office for Education. We will be presenting at 10am on Google Scripts on Monday, January 28th. It has been an endeavor we have been working over the last few months. Leveraging the power of Google Scripting, we have developed or in the process of developing applications that support academic, operations, and administration systems in our Google Apps for Edu domain. Hope to see you there!


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