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The "Remix" Generation

Every generation seems to have a moniker that defines their period of history. With the proliferation of web technologies, I want to coin this generation as the “Remix” generation. In the dictionary, remix means to produce a different version by altering the original product. With the advent of web 2.0 technologies, our generation of youngsters are creating and expressing themselves every second of the day. However, the way youth are creating and expressing themselves more often involve some form of remixing someone else’s artistic creation. I don’t want to undermine their creativity by slamming the idea that these kids are simply copying someone else’ work. I rather want to identify the combination of the simple availability of web technologies and the sudden rise of user generated content as the new form of expressing oneself. The ease of creating media such as podcasts, YouTube videos, and “Photoshoping” a picture have given youth an opportunity to articulate themselves in new ways. With the demand to produce “professional” masterpieces, youth are quickly altering original masterpieces to produce new creations and inventions. This idea is not knew with rap moguls such as Sean “Puffy” Combs remixing music to produce multimillion dollar platinum albums. However, this time around it doesn’t take millions of dollars in capital to produce albums, but a simple laptop with multimedia software. Although remixing may sound uncreative, I actually beg to differ by stating how original some remixes truly are. Youth enjoy taking a picture and altering it to become a new image. Youth enjoy creating videos by adding images, music, and clips of other work. Youth enjoy podcasting about other people and ideas. This old creative art form of remixing is taking a whole new concept with more web 2.0 technologies that are becoming readily available. I for one cannot wait to see what youth continue to create when a new technology allows one to manipulate an old existing product, art creation, or technology invention. Copyright infringement beware…

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