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Using Collaboration To Teach Scratch

For a teacher to admit that he does not know what he is teaching about is almost sacrilegious. As a technology teacher, sometimes you cannot possibly know every feature and function of every program you teach. Scratch is a visual object-oriented computer programming application that allows students to create their own video games. I decided to implement this program in our Advanced MC Tech knowing full well I have not used it enough to be able to teach it to my students. However, I knew that this application would interest my students and thus far has proven true. With limited experience using the program, I decided to let the students teach each other how to use the application. Using video tutorials from Learn Scratch, as well as collaborating in class, my students are learning to program using Scratch. It has been highly successful so far with my students teaching each other and using outside resources on the web to learn even further. It also has been successful that the Scratch community allows members to download scripts of projects. Handing over the teaching reigns to my students has proven successful and I cannot wait to continue to learn from them.

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