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For the busy K-12 Ed Tech Professional, developing a website from scratch using DreamWeaver may not be the most efficient use of time. If the end goal is to produce quality content for others to use and view, the means to the end shouldn’t really matter. RapidWeaver is a suitable web design software built for Mac users that will quickly provide customized websites. The bountiful of templates allow for customized colors, fonts, and layouts. Although it does not allow for the more advanced scripting and flash necessary for interactive experiences, it does provide the necessary tools to showcase your content. It allows many plug-ins to iLife, and gives options for CSS and Javascript customizations. The basics for building websites are there and with many gadgets and plug-ins, you can just embed your Twitter and YouTube accounts. For those who do not have time to design using DreamWeaver, and tired of iWeb limitations, RapidWeaver is the solution for you.

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