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U.S. Geography Proficiency

A subject often left out of curriculum these days is the good old geography lesson. With the many standards focusing on reading comprehension, mathematics, and even scientific knowledge, the genre of geography is not a high priority. In an effort to support the subject, I incorporate U.S. Geography lessons with my 5th graders in Introduction to Computers. Fortunately, there are plenty of interactive websites that help students learn their states. My favorite website that allow my 5th graders to learn their geography is Sheppard Software. It has a comprehensive interactive site that allows my students to memorize the states in varying levels. It can break the states up into its regions and it can also allow students to drag states to the appropriate part of the map. There are a variety of activities and skill sets for all levels of learning. After several classes of practice, many of my students are now experts in their U.S. States. Sheppard Software also covers geography for other continents and geographic landscapes. As a bonus to my lovely 5th graders, I also have them watch the video version of the story, The Scrambled States of America which is available on Discovery Education.

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