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TPCK Framework

Finally, I have come across a research-based model that I have been looking for in the past couple weeks. It eloquently puts the thoughts I have been reflecting on towards educational technology in an academic framework. The TPCK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge) model created by Matthew Koehler and Punya Mishra gives all educational technology professionals a framework to assess technology integration. It only makes sense that technology cannot be looked upon as a separate entity, rather a complex relationship between content knowledge and pedagogy. As Mishra and Koehler state, “knowing how to use technology is not the same as knowing how to teach with it.” Much of the focus on technology integration is on how to use and get trained on individual instructional technologies. Often as educational technology trainers, we forget to leave out the complexities of how teachers have to use these technologies in their particular environment during professional development. As the framework states, “true technology integration is understanding and negotiating the relationships between these three components of knowledge.” It was inspiring to read and will from now on provide the foundation for any of my future professional development training. The research is a must read for any K-12 Ed Tech professional: Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge: A Framework for Teacher Knowledge


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