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Microblogging Dilemma

Ever since I have started to micro blog on Twitter, Facebook, and other web 2.0 apps, I have slowly lost my patience for questionnaires, surveys requesting paragraphs, and grants asking for thoughtful responses. Recently, I have been asked to fill out some applications, recommendations, and surveys for various institutions, and writer’s block is definitely in action. Maybe it is the pen, but even online questionnaires are daunting and I am almost hesitant to fill it out. Has the fast-paced real-time web 2.0 world poisoned my desire for the long-winded answers? In fact, I despise  listening to my voicemail, and reading long emails now. Maybe this blog entry is too long? I wonder if my students feel the same way? Does everything have to be in bullet form? Whatever the reason, it is alarming how quickly I have changed because of 21st century technologies.

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