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Choose Your Own Adventure 2.0

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure series when you were in school? It was one of my favorite genre of books to read because you were given choices in the book to follow. It was as interactive as you could get with text back in the day. With the availability of interactive technologies today, I was wondering how we could bring back these beloved novels with our digital youth. And then came the idea of using interactive slides to create a choose your own adventure story. Using any slideshow software such as PowerPoint or Keynote, students can create their very own interactive novel using buttons that link your story to a new slide. Students can create multiple paths for alternate endings and scenarios in the novel. This idea has rejuvenated my creative brain cells. What if I create a CYOA2.0 website where students post their interactive stories? I said it first here folks…but knowing my luck somebody created this already before this date.

Copyright 2009 by Socratech Seminars.

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