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Will Lists On Twitter Change The Dynamics of Followers?

I am what I call a “Post-Listings” member on Twitter. Although I never experienced the traditional old school way of follow and unfollow on Twitter, I understand the dynamics of following people for various reasons. Reasons can differ from actually following someone for PLN purposes, to just following to get followed right back. However, when Twitter introduced lists, it added a third option to the mix. Now a person can just create a list for a certain group or PLN, and add them to a list rather than follow them directly. This new dynamic has some positive implications for future use of Twitter. I for one tend to follow PLN people who follow me back to create a PLN community that I can directly communicate with. I also seem to get the same response back. The addition of lists allows me to condense my following and followers to focus on my PLN of educational technology. For my other interests, such as entertainment and parenthood interests, I just simply create a list and add people who fill those needs without directly following them. I wonder if other people have migrated to this format. Using this dynamic allows me to curtail the madness of following a thousand people who are simultaneously tweeting. Now, I can see the important messages that pertain to my PLN. Once again, I am relatively new to Twitter, but this makes sense to me. Maybe there was a program that did that before (i.e. TweetDeck, HootSuite), but thank you Twitter for making lists.

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