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If Its On The Internet, It Must Be Real Lesson

Recently, I been exchanging emails with my old educational technology coordinator from my previous district. It reminded me of the wonderful lesson he had in teaching us credibility of websites. As we all know (I hope), somethings on the web are scams, misleading propaganda, and plain out right false information. It is important we provide explicit instruction to our students the validity of their content, as they more and more rely on the Internet for all their research. Below is a simple lesson with attached links (Thanks RH!) that raise the issue of fake versus credible websites.

Students will visit certain websites to determine the credibility of each website. Through research and evaluation, students will write on their blog about each website they visit. How to access your blog?

  1. Login to your Gaggle account.
  2. Go to “Jump To” and select My Blog.
  3. Click on Create New Blog.
  4. Give your blog entry a title and then begin typing your research on each website.
  5. Each website URL must be copied onto the blog and then a sentence or two should be written about the credibility of the website.
  6. Answer the following questions for each website: a) Is the information on the website real? b) What makes you believe it is real or fake? Explain.
  7. Please visit the following websites:

Two other excellent resources for media literacy produced by @cspieziohttp://bit.ly/6p6jkp @Oh_the_Places: http://bit.ly/8Dpnio

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