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#BizEdu & Twitter Chats

Since joining Twitter a few months back, I finally feel comfortable with all the lingo and vernacular of 140 character microblogging. I have joined several chats and thus far, has proven to be a hit or miss for me, as it does seem at times that if you don’t have connections with certain Twitter accounts, no one really consistently listens to you. I realize that I should not expect anything in such an anonymous environment. However, I do recall the famous words “when in need, sow a seed.” Lately, I have taken extra effort to help and answer as many questions that #edtech people post on Twitter. It has helped with people reciprocating information when I needed it. I am still trying to see the value of certain chats where I observe a hit or miss of useful and useless information. I have yet put my finger on the dynamics of Twitter chats. Maybe if I create my very own hashtag chat called #BizEdu where educators who teach financial literacy can chat, will I experience the facilitator role. I am trying to see if this form of professional development can work successfully in a structured environment, rather than a free for all (hit or miss) conversation that I seem to experience currently. Maybe facilitators or other people experience something different. Too bad real time threading didn’t have a “Facebook” or “Edmodo” type interface on Twitter.

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