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How to create a private PD session on Twitter?

I have been wanting to use the power and simplicity of Twitter for a professional development session with my teachers. However, I also want to keep the session private and unique to our site without the rest of my PLN jumping in on the conversation. I explored hashtags and using other programs like Edmodo. Then I stumbled upon a web app called GroupTweet, which allows you to create a private conversation on Twitter without broadcasting to the rest of your PLN. In order to create a private conversation, you will need to create a new separate account dedicated to the private conversation. For example, I created an account named after my professional development group at my school. This is the account you register with GroupTweet for all conversations to take place. Once the account has been registered, the teacher must follow and be followed by the new Twitter group account. After the initial setup, teachers can now start conversing by sending Direct Messages (DM’s) to the new group account. The group account in return will then broadcast the message to you via @account (i.e. via @socratech) and to everyone else in the group. It is also important to protect the tweets from the group account if you want to maintain the privacy. It may not be the ideal configuration, but it does provide a solution for conversations catered to your particular site of teachers.


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