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“Why Tweet at a conference I am attending in person?”

Yesterday, I gave a professional development session on how to tweet at conferences? I spent most of the session focusing on the “how” and did a poor job on explaining the “why” behind Tweeting. As a reflective teacher, I wanted to follow up my session by providing a list of reasons why a teacher would want to tweet at conferences. To illustrate my point about Twitter, I asked the question this morning on my feed and I was fortunate to receive feedback from many PLN members. Here is a compilation of their posts. Thank you to all who contributed to the “reason” list.

  • @jasontbedell A Twitter backchannel can help influence the way that a conference progresses, for better or worse.
  • @slopez1 To help keep notes, ideas or online resources all in one place #edtech #edchat that is why I tweet at conferences
  • @CoachB0066 to share ideas/thoughts w others attndng, also some presenters will use a hashtag to receive immediate feedback #edchat
  • @megbg76 discuss and share ideas with others present as well as those not present. It broadens the experience, leads to deeper synthesis
  • @SimpleK12 Off top of head: 1.) share w/ peers 2.) continue to build PLN 3.) connecting w/ more ppl once u see who else is tweeting
  • @SimpleK12 also when teaching students we ask them to do things over and in different ways. Repeating info in a tweet is a learning tool 🙂
  • @SimpleK12 we just did that fron a conference…think you will get inspiration from our blog regarding the conference: www.IHeartEdTech.com
  • @Oh_The_Places A chance for real time reflection and discussion w attendees that is not possible during conference presentation #edtech #edchat
  • @rstoup To teach others.
  • @bjnichols Tweeting at a conf. allows you 2 connect, share thoughts, ask questions in real time. 21st cent. learning is anytime, anywhere.
  • @teachntech00 to get the word out! it allows you to share the ideas with a wide audience! #edchat #edtech
  • @mom2preteens Yesterday I wanted 2 tweet @ a wrkshop bcuz my PLN knew more than presnter & I had ?s.#edtech
  • @mom2preteens I tweeted 1 ques from my phone & had answer in less than minute. #edtech
  • @novemberMonster Because it’s less rude than shouting across the room. Also, one way info is so 1990s.
  • @cpoole27 by tweeting during a conference allows you to get input from people globally as opossed to confines of the conf. alone
  • @jgmac1106 It provides a channel for those fellow staff unable to attend. Acts as a metacognitive tool during presentations #edtech
  • @kunami10 tweeting during your conference gives you an online place to store your notes. No clunky notebooks or lost papers!
  • @cnansen Why should people Tweet when they are at a conference? Here’s why – http://tinypaste.com/d0f50
  • @msmithpds to share with me what you are learning!
  • @Russauntry so I can follow in England! #edchat

To supplement what everyone else wrote above, here are my reasons to Tweet at a conference.

  • Differentiate learning
  • Archive all your thoughts for future use
  • Connect with teachers you probably would never talk to at the conference. (maybe you will after connecting through Twitter)
  • Reflect on your sessions immediately after it is over rather than waiting to discuss at a later date.
  • Connect with others in the world that share your thoughts and reflections.
  • Our students are learning through social networking.
  • Share valuable resources in real time
  • Everyone has a voice. Imagine if everyone asked questions during a session, the session would never end. Why end the session at the time allotted. It allows continuation of the session for as long as needed.
  • Everyone has a voice part 2. Not everyone will talk during sessions. Lets give them another avenue to communicate their thoughts.
  • There are many 3rd party apps that allow surveys, graphs, and polls for more feedback.
  • You can start the pre-conference chatter.
  • In my opinion, you will see majority of professional development move to this environment in the next 5 years.

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