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Why certain teachers do jump out of the technology pot?

When I wrote about the Boiling Frog EdTech Metaphor post, I felt compelled to ask the following question to my PLN members on Twitter: What are some pitfalls and mistakes EdTech trainers make when evangelizing technology to our wide spectrum of teachers? This post is not intended to tell people what to do because every situation is quite unique. Rather I wanted to make aware of what fellow edtech colleagues think about why it is difficult to reach some of our reluctant teachers. Thanks to all who contributed below. Please leave a comment here or mention @socratech and I will gladly add your thoughts to this growing list.

  • @Oh_the_Places Mistakes – not following up one on one; not knowing the tech level of ur teachers
  • @Oh_the_Places Thinking like a teacher not a techie. How easy will the tech be to learn and use. Specific ex of how to integrate w curriculum
  • @EdTechSandyK Also badmouthing or blaming the technical folks when something doesn’t work, is blocked, etc. Not being team players.
  • @EdTechSandyK Making teachers feel guilty if they aren’t already using tech or new tool. Should show possibilities and benefits instead.
  • @edtechsteve the biggest mistake trainers make is forgetting the realities of classroom teaching.
  • @jgmac1106 Last mistake 4 now:short-term vision. Using outside consultants 4 whole staff instead of 4 building capacity among tchr ldrs
  • @jgmac1106 Another coomon mistake. Not differentiating learning 4 tchrs. some need tool intro, next cool tools, next changing curriculum
  • @jasontbedell Also, start by showing them that it can work with their students without being too difficult, not that it does a neat trick.
  • @jasontbedell Don’t try to sound smart. Teachers get intimidated easily and their eyes glaze over. Go at their pace, even if it means crawling.
  • @jgmac1106 biggest prblm is starting with the tools and not content or change. Its look at this fancy widget instead of learning #edtech
  • @megbg76 assuming basic skills are known to all. ie “opening a new window” does not mean what it sounds like 🙂
  • @MrKeenan Assuming everyone has an interest in adding tech to their practice is a big one.
  • @franze98 good points, i find it difficult to gage audience understanding of concepts. i also find teachers to b bad students when w/ peers
  • @mswanson Nothing other than watching there eyes roll in the back of their head or just the confused look.

Blog Post: Technology – It’s About the Teachers, Not the Tools by Oh_the_Places


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