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Maintaining Digital Perspective

I write this post as a strong advocate of using technology not only in education, but in life. I also write this post as a strong advocate of authentic human relationships and connectedness with our spiritual nature. I am a husband, father of two beautiful girls, and a lifelong professional who has worked in many capacities pushing technology into the forefront of learning. It is important I state that this is a personal reflection on my digital life.

As much as I believe technology should be part of the way I live, I also think there is a fine line in between helping and consuming. As an example, since I started using Twitter, I have grown exponentially with my professional network and have learned about many new ideas and resources through my PLN members. It has been an experience that could not have happened without using technology as a part of my life. However, I have also seen how Twitter consumed my life in a negative way. I am not sure if I call it an addiction, but I do find myself needing to check my account for latest updates, conversations, and nonessential followings. Unfortunately, it sometimes consumes me while I ignore other important priorities in my life. This is when I need to realize the value and balance of using technologies such as Twitter, that you can jump in and out anytime without feeling the need to constantly check.

I am not going to go on a digital cleanse like some people have recommended, but rather rethink about balancing what is important in my life. Watching Digital Nation with my students has helped bring back perspective about balance in life. When was the last time I picked up a good novel and discussed it with someone? When was the last time I had a good debate in person about issues of the world? When was the last time I took a hike and enjoyed the beauty of nature. I am thankful I have maintained some digital perspective and that I need to realize when technology helps versus when technology consumes our lives.

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