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Valuable PLN Blog Posts

My Twitter PLN is a valuable part of my professional growth. What better way to pay tribute then to highlight the people I learn from everyday? Thank you for helping me evolve my profession. Here are some great blog posts!

@edtechsandyk Educators & Technical Folks Should Play Nice

@izadmajid Professional/Personal Learning Networks Part 1

@cmt1 A Day in the Life of 2.0

@doug_holton What’s the Platform of the Future for Developing Interactive Graphical Educational Software?

@kylepace Do we claim tech to be a cure all?

@jasontbedell How TeachMeetNashville Started and How to Start Your Own

@peoplegogy Educational Philosophy Part 2

@MZimmer557 Do You Tweet? As An Educator…You Should!

@jscognam Social, Cognitive, and Constructive Technology

@tucksoon Baseline ICT Standards (Singapore): Where is Web 2.0 for Primary level?

@Oh_the_Places Technology – It’s About the Teachers, Not the Tools

@dmantz7 My Passion for Education

@DoremiGirl A Simple Song, Skype, & Warm Sunshine

For me, this has to be my personal favorite blog post because this is the foundation to which I am building my profession from: Education Information Technology Part 1

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