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Troubleshooting Skills and PD #EduIT

K12 schools often do not include information technology as a piece of the professional development puzzle for teachers. However, with the growing use of technology in the classroom, proficiency training is becoming a vital piece to successful integration. While it is evident that teachers who integrate technology are savvy computer users, there is still a growing list of tech support issues that correlate with more technology use.

As the Director for both information and educational technology for my schools, it is clearly transparent that professional development in computer troubleshooting skills is becoming a crucial part of successful technology integration. It is easy to beckon the call for Information Technology when tech support issues arise, but with decreasing budgets and computer technician to desktop ratios rising (I have heard 600:1), technology proficiency and agility is a growing need amongst all staff members. Does your technology professional development include basic computer operations and troubleshooting training?

Moving forward, I plan to blend aspects of information technology strategies into my technology professional development training. As much as we are pushing forth 21st century learning technologies, it is equally important that our staff also have the necessary troubleshooting tools to tackle the everyday tech support issues in their classroom. Often, tech support issues occur right in the middle of the lesson and IT support is not readily available. Arming our teachers with IT strategies and resources will go a long way to successful technology integration.

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