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Why my PLN uses Google Apps?

I am launching Google Apps across seven schools this summer and asked my education PLN to help provide reasons why they use Google Apps? Thank you to all the valuable PLN members on Twitter for providing this amazing list! Keep the responses coming, I will continually update this list.

  • @pmcash Students create a folder for a course/teacher. Store all work in the folder, teacher has access, no need to share each item.
  • @kelalford I use Google Docs for myself to be able to collaborate with other teachers. Want to try to introduce third graders this year.
  • @kelalford we use it to create grade level tests.
  • @dmantz7 I like using Google Apps for Education because it can be integrated into Moodle. Also add Creately (mind mapping) to GAE domain.
  • @jenroberts1 5 ways I use docs in an English class and 5 tips to make that easier: http://tinyurl.com/28wpje2
  • @techmunoz #edtech I love google apps–forms, because it makes it so easy to create a quick assessment that you can embed or email 2 stdnts.
  • @soltauheller we use googledocs to create surveys then to look at graphs that are produced – we can send the link to anyone we like
  • @soltauheller have also used it to do collaborative unit planning with other teachers
  • @bandlady All my students use google docs & presentations; so easy to share #edchat #edtech
  • @coreygin Some reasons for Google apps: Simple, accessible, available anywhere anytime using any computer. And best of all: Free!
  • @oh_the_places Used Gdoc for students to write collaborative letters – requesting info/decision from principal, parent letters, etc.
  • @mtrump Too many ways to list in 140 characters
  • @shfarnsworth #edtech #edchat – communal lesson plans that all teachers, study hall teachers, subs, at-risk teachers can access on google docs!
  • @pughamy accessible, collaborative, community of resources #edchat #edtech #googleapps
  • @pmcash Use anywhere, collaboration, FREE #edtech#edchat
  • @jasonschimdt123 I want it for the communication and collaboration tools. I use GApps in my class, spoof it with a class email acct.
  • @doremigirl Project assessment http://ht.ly/28KAi; teachers using GDoc to brainstorm curr ideas, sharing folders for diff classes GSites 4 Ss
  • @wmchamberlain cloud based is nice, plenty of apps that allow them to be worked on locally too. Easy to share and collaborate with.
  • @mtrump I share several G-calendars out of many with key people so they know if I’m in meetings or PD, etc. Integrates w/ Outlook Cal. if needed.
  • @mtrump And collaborative editing on G-Docs = priceless! Teachers use for PLC planning….
  • @mtrump Also use G-forms for instant surveys and assessment of classes/school/district. See the forms on http://bit.ly/dltTkg – they link to SSheet
  • @thnorfar editing collaboratively-google apps
  • @franze98 1 thing i liked over exchange (besides cost) was the more granular options for e-mail groups
  • @marcellarepp I love igoogle-It is a great, quick way to organize all my websites I enjoy&areas that I want to keep connected with everyday.
  • @carolgau Google docs – st collaborate and create rubrics, st make presentations for class
  • @ariellehg multiple students take notes in a google doc using different colors focusing on different things ie: numbers, vocab, stories…
  • @rosengo I have students use Google Pres for collaborative Socials presentations about Mesopotamia and Early Homonids. #edchat #edtech
  • @MrA47 I use google docs with my students to go paperless. We are creating spreadsheets now and charting survey results
  • @rkiker I use all the Google Tools b/c of simplicity, reliability, global access,and collaboration. Not sure why I wouldn’t use them.

Here are my reasons why I use Google Apps in K12 Education:

  • Unified communication for all staff members using tools such as video chat, email, docs, wikis, and shared calendars.
  • Growing list of available apps through Google Marketplace.
  • Empowering users to contribute to the knowledge database using sites and docs.
  • Access anywhere and anytime.
  • Postini services provides strong mail filtering capabilities.
  • Uses Google search engine for all our applications. Simpler to find information and hard to find emails.
  • No servers to manage.
  • Scalability of users is simple.
  • Capability to combine multiple domains under one management interface. Schools can separate teacher and student domains.
  • Google Docs editing on the go using mobile technologies is now available.
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  1. July 18, 2010 at 10:02 pm

    Great ideas and re-inforcers as to why and how to use Google apps. As a preservice teacher and avid personal-use Google app-er, this is a great list to me of why/how this can be useful in my practice, how to engage students in different ways, and how to collaborate with colleagues and my developing PLN.

  2. September 27, 2010 at 4:15 am

    Howard – what a great list, and it’s great to see the range too.

    A notable omissions – might be useful to let your teachers know about this one:

    Google Custom Search – collaboratively build a custom Google Search engine as the class researches a topic – lots of opportunities to discuss veracity, relevance, bias, etc. When finished, your topic-specific engine can be published and even used with younger kids as a vetted source.



  3. Lisa
    April 2, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    Great list of reasons – fun collection. We also use Google Apps at our school. One of our key apps which I don’t think is mentioned here is LucidChart which they make free to all teachers and students at http;//www.lucidchart.com/education.

  1. November 18, 2010 at 5:48 am

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