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K12 Technology Mission Statement

Below is the technology mission statement I developed for our charter schools. It has been a productive summer developing the new department to serve our seven schools for the 2010-2011 school year.

We deliver 21st century technology learning opportunities that foster academic excellence leading to global collaboration, digital citizenship, and a love for learning.

Core Values

  • All students and staff can learn and should have access to current and relevant technology and support resources.
  • Provide technology learning resources and tools to empower staff and students to participate in global collaborative environments.
  • Provide quality support and maintenance of technology services.
  • Research current technology best practices and provide on-going professional development.
  • Encourage and promote 21st century skills and digital citizenship.

  • All students can achieve technology proficiency using computers on a regular scheduled basis.
  • There will be a staff technology core level proficiency framework. It is expected that all staff fill out the EdTech Profile provided by the State of California. The technology department will facilitate professional development on core level competencies.
  • All students and staff will adhere to high standards of digital citizenship.
  • Only technology initiatives/implementations collaborated with the technology department will be supported and maintained.
  • Only school issued technology equipment can be formerly supported by the technology department.


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