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“When In Need, Sow A Seed”

When I first started Twitter back in August of 09, I had about 30 followers and was more interested in learning from others than actually engaging in conversation. It was primarily due to unfamiliarity with the tweeting culture more than anything. It wasn’t until I a few months later and the help of @simpleK12 that really launched my full use of Twitter. I had roughly about 70 followers when @simpleK12 recommended me to their followers and thus propelled me to engage with a bigger education community. Thank you @simpleK12!

Since then, I have engaged with many educators and technologists on various hashtags. It even inspired me to create a hashtag for K12 Technology Administrators called #EduIT. However, I noticed a change in my Twitter use since the early days of PLN engagement. I use to have daily conversations with folks and reciprocation was there. In the last few months however, I have felt like back in my early days when I had about 50 or so followers, less engaged and more reading and tweeting without engagement. For someone who has over 1000 followers, it has occurred to me that this is a sad state of my Tweeting. I normally interact with only a handful of my followers (maybe 20-30) and I find that to be a poor effort on my part. I have to remember the whole point of being on Twitter is to engage in dialogue to grow as a professional and share resources amongst each other. Because of my less than engaging effort, I found my learning has steadily decreased as well. I remember a paster saying “when in need, sow a seed.” I wrote this post as a reflection to change my engagement habits on Twitter. I hope to connect and learn more from my larger PLN.

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