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Exploring the Blended Learning Model

I am currently trying to wrap my head around the blended learning model that is becoming well known in the education reform sector. As school budgets continue to decrease, the blended learning model has offered an innovative way to run operations at a lower cost without sacrificing academic rigor. The concept is based on a framework where students learn from both traditional face-to-face formats, and individualized adaptive technology learning lab environments. With this model, schools build schedules that places students in block where they meet with teachers regularly while also spending portions of their day on a 1:1 computer laboratory environment without a teacher. John Danner, founder of Rocketship is well known for this new hybrid model and he talks about it on EdReformer. My next goal is to explore deeper in how these schools function daily both operationally and academically. I am looking to answer the following questions:

  • What type of technology infrastructure will it take?
  • How much does a customized learning management system cost annually?
  • What academic technologies are being used?
  • How effective are these adaptive data-informed learning management systems?
  • What kind of technical staffing is required? What does the lab staff look like?
  • How do we build trust and rigor in these new learning labs without teachers?
  • What components of web 2.0, collaboration and project-based learning is involved in the learning labs?
  • How do teachers connect the learning labs with the regular classroom?
  • What kind of access do parents and greater community have with the learning lab and LMS?
  • What does professional development look like with hybrid schools?
  • How is digital citizenship taught and how do we maintain academic rigor in online environments?
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