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“New” Schools

There are many “new” schools opening up all over the world offering different, alternative, out-of-the-box and innovative approaches toward the education model. I wanted to keep a list of schools that I want to evaluate and research even further. I have heard of these schools in various contexts and open to add more to this list.

  • TEP Charter School – Paying teachers a salary of $125,000 and a bonus structure up to $25,000.
  • Harlem Children’s Zone – Tackling education on all fronts of the community.
  • Rocketship – Offering a hybrid school model where students meet with teachers on block schedules and then have learning lab time with an adaptive learning management system. Lowers cost of operation model.
  • School of One – Uses learning algorithm technology to provide customized curriculum for each student.
  • MATCH Charter – Established a MATCH Corps program where new teachers go through a residency on their first year of service.
  • New Tech Networks – Getting lots of press with the 21st century learning model of collaborative, project-based, and technology-based curriculum.
  • Generation Schools – Urban education offering small class sizes, lesser teacher workloads and more professional development. Teachers have staggered-vacations which gives students a 200-day school year.
  • Kunskapsskolan – School in Sweden well known for its personalized approach to education.
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