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Brokers of Expertise

Back in March, I wrote an entry about developing a Standards Management System for teachers to share and access resources related to California State Standards. The California Department of Education has answered my needs by finally launching a social networking site for teachers that will house resources related to CA standards. The website is called Brokers of Expertise.

When I first signed up for an account I was skeptical because it felt like another social networking site trying to get teachers to collaborate. While it was fine that the site has discussion boards and groups, I was more intrigued in the standards section. It was in that part of the website that answered my need for a standards management system. The site breaks down the standards by subject, grade level, content standard, and sub-standard. And within those standards, it has a link to resources (ppt, links, lessons) related to that particular standard. Moreover, it also has crowd-sourcing capabilities for teachers to vote on favorites to start filtering out all the resources. It also shows how many people have viewed the resource. Keep in mind that a only a few hundred teachers are on the site. Can you imagine if tens and thousands of California educators began sharing their resources and started to crowdsource the information to some level of sanity. Teachers now have a viable standards management system to help tackle the CST’s. I certainly hope more people start using Brokers of Expertise.


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