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The All-In-One K12 Software Solution

After researching and working with various educational technology tools available today, I am still in search for the all in one solution that will provide a flexible content & data-analytical software package that delivers personalized learning algorithms for our students. Ideally, the software platform will be completely cloud-based on a single sign-on package, where students can sign onto their account and access all their education applications that are completely inter-operable and integrated with each other. This will allow students to access their content and assessment tools on any hardware platform from mobile to desktop technologies. Within the software platform, teachers can package or create content from various education apps (similar to iPhone/iPad apps idea) to deliver to students. The applications cover the wide breadth of education strategies, from 21st century project-based learning tools, to standards-driven data analytic assessment tools that will provide informed statistics on how well our students are performing. Furthermore, the standards assessment data will be combined with student information systems to produce a comprehensive picture of our student. Using information such as learning styles, ELL data, behavior strategies, and interests of our students, the software platform can produce a learning algorithm for our individual student. Teachers can now differentiate curriculum and pull lessons that are relevant and engaging for each individual student. The data being produced will be in real-time allowing our students to know how they are performing while also providing strategies to assist in their learning path. The digital curriculum provided in this software platform will package content in various contexts, from electronic books, game-based learning, drill & kill, images, video, flash interactives, and collaborative assignments. And of course, we can’t forget RTI. I realize this seems a bit far fetch; however, I have seen many software platforms that produce certain aspects of the above quite successfully. Unfortunately, I have yet to see a comprehensive single sign-on solution that can put together all these needs into one package. If you are reading this blog post and have venture capital money, feel free to take my ideas and produce the platform for my schools. Thanks!

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  1. November 11, 2010 at 9:41 pm

    Reading your blog post was like looking at a reflection of what has been banging around in my mind for some time now. You articulated the Holy Grail for personalized education very well. In the words of John Keller of the Indiana DOE, we now need the secret decoder ring to have the various systems in schools talk intelligently with each other to benefit each learner individually.

    For years, educational leaders have been experimenting with various models to improve the engagement and learning of our youth, and while many have been successful, most have not been able to achieve scale, becoming a force in the market. It seems obvious that it is to late to continue to tinker with education – transformation is needed.

    I was encouraged this week when Arne Duncan and Karen Cator rolled out the National Education Technology plan, I noticed on page xiv of the executive summary these words.

    “The last decade has seen the emergence of some radically redesigned schools, demonstrating the range of possibilities for structuring education. These include schools that organized around competence rather than seat time and others that enable more flexible scheduling that fits students’ individual needs rather than traditional academic periods and lockstep curriculum pacing. “

    If we can begin to use digital content, well-designed, integrated systems and quality teachers to truly personalize instruction, allowing progression to be based on competence rather than seat time, we are clearly on the path to better serve children.

  2. November 12, 2010 at 4:44 am

    Hi Randy! Thanks for your comments. I went to visit your website and found netTrekker intriguing. Are you available for a conversation? Let me know. Thanks!

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