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Data Warehousing

The buzz word going around education is “Data” and how we can aggregate data to drive/inform instruction. The latest acronym term I read on the 2010 National EdTech Plan was D3M – Data Driven Decision Making System. The goal of a student data management platform is to compile multiple data points such as Student Information Systems, Data Assessments, and Response To Intervention systems into coherent reports that anyone (students, teachers, parents, etc.) can access and make intelligent decisions about a student’s education plan. The challenge has been building such a system with the variety of isolated information technologies that support the various systems. After spending time thinking about what an aggregated report would look like, I began asking more questions about what a teacher really needs to know about students? Below are some ideas of what data points I think teachers may need. However, input from my education PLN would really help my thinking behind a data warehouse solution that fits what teachers really need to deliver high quality instruction. Your input is valuable, thank you PLN!

What information data does a teacher need to deliver high quality personalized instruction?

  • Data assessments on how student are performing on core standards.
  • SIS information of grades, behavior, and student background.
  • Rubric data on how students are performing on 21st century skills.
  • Special Education, IEP, RTI data.
  • Assessment surveys on how students learn and interests.
  • Data pulled from online curriculum software packages (i.e. Study Island, Aleks)

While aggregating data is the first step, the next level of data-analytic tools would intelligently provide teachers recommendations and prescriptions to help inform/drive instruction.

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