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Using Google Voice as Your Teacher Phone Line

Whether you are part of the Google Apps for Edu domain or using your own Gmail personal account, the FREE Google Voice feature is another great way to communicate with your parents and students without giving up your personal phone number. When I used to teach in the classroom, our school gave us cell phones where students and parents could call us about homework, school issues or classroom activities. It was a great way to provide access outside of the classroom and my students used it frequently. But I was not a fan of carrying two cell phones and forwarding one to the other. Having a Google Voice number will allow parents and students to contact the teacher on a local phone number while also archiving any voicemails to your Gmail account. You could leave custom voicemail messages on your Google Voice and provide important classroom messages for parents to access. On top of that you can use the texting capabilities without hitting your wallet. Once you have a Google Voice number, you can install Google voice and chat to activate the phone function in your chat window. When calling out, your Google Voice number will appear on the other person’s phone. The teacher phone line using Google Voice is a convenient and effective option for teachers, especially if you have an iPhone/Smartphone device. Get yours today!


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