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All The Talk Has Me Almost Convinced…

With the proliferation of tweeting, blogging, and other social media, the discussions about educational technologies has me almost convinced that all the talk really exists in the mainstream education system. I always have to remind myself of the Twitter bubble I live in is not quite what we see on an everyday basis. For example, there has been so much discussion about the tablet that it has me believing that everyone is buying it for their schools. As much as I believe the tablet is the future education device for our classrooms, the technology is still evolving and still lacking some content creation and web support components for today’s mass deployment. Another major push has been the concept of an “all-in-one” student data management platform that intelligently integrates the various data systems for personalized learning. On Twitter, the term cloud computing is used on a daily basis and has become such a buzz term in educational technology circles. There has been major strides with Google Apps for Edu and Live@edu (now MSFT Office 365), but adoption is not as prevalent as one might think when on these Twitter streams. And for those who are on #edchat and #edtech streams, you can’t go a day without tweets related to the following: game-based education, augmented reality, open content, blended learning and electronic books. There is no doubt these technologies and many more will eventually be in most districts and schools in the future, however, I have to remind myself that social media might be ahead of the reality that exists in our schools today. I always point back to the concept I wrote in a previous post called Its Changing Culture, Not Technology. It is going to take time on various levels…especially those companies who are touting grandeur with their products.

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