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My Current List of Technologies to Watch

There have been some technology developments that I am adding to my watch list in the next few months. Some of these technologies could potentially help with the design of next generation school infrastructures in the coming year.

Microsoft Office 365 – Microsoft is rapidly developing cloud-based solutions for the education sector and the launch of Office 365 is the counter punch to Google Apps for Education. The plan is transitioning any Live@Edu users into the new cloud platform and add Office Pro and SharePoint capabilities. There is a price caveat to watch out for, but with a 25GB skydrive and office powered applications, this is a viable solution for schools to make a transition towards.

Chrome OS – Their marketing term “Experience Waitlessness” is used to tout the web OS as having the ability of instant on web access, anytime and everywhere same experience. The CR-48 netbook has been widely reviewed and is currently slated to release in March. Here is an excellent review by Jason Bedell of the CR-48.

Splashtop OS – As schools move more into the cloud and the need for traditional Windows desktop environments are slowly decreasing, web OS  platforms are becoming a viable and cost-effective solution for schools. The “instant-on” capabilities will allow computers to access the web in seconds without having to go through the entire Windows boot-up process. The remote desktop capabilities also allows Splashtop to be used with all your mobile devices.

Motorola Xoom – 4G LTE tablet with Android 3.0 Honeycomb platform…enough said. Best of show CES 2011. From the first glimpses of Android 3.0, it looks like an entirely new interface.

mySpark – There are such an abundance of tablets on the market that it gives me headaches reading about all of them. And there is no doubt iPad will remain the king of tablets, but I am interested to see how this mySpark will evolve in the education tablet space. This Android-based tablet is touting the ability to integrate with Learning Management Systems along with dual cameras, browser and e-reader. Price-point and the ability to integrate with LMS will be deciding factors on this product.

Pico Projector – With a single cable connection, you can connect your iPod, iPhone and iPad to the Pico Projector. As we move towards tablets in the classroom, instant projection from your tablet device will be key to delivering instruction.

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