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The Digital Footprint Eraser

REGISTRATION REQUIRED…the dreaded process to access a website you will only use once and subsequently forget to delete. Imagine 10 years of web use, you probably have amassed 100 times the account registrations and have no clue what email, username, password you registered the account with. Moreover, you probably don’t have the motivation and time to really search or email the website to delete your account. Or if you are me, you couldn’t even recall half of them. Should we not worry, or are you like me and hoping for the dream software to erase your digital footprint. And I am not even talking about your Facebook pictures you have always wanted to delete.

The Digital Footprint Eraser

This is an open invitation to the alpha computer programming geniuses to come up with a solution to my following dilemma. Can someone create a software program to find every account I have created on the Internet? I can only imagine how many accounts I have created since 1996. From silly accounts on useless websites, to financial sensitive accounts such as my IRA.  For user friendly purposes, can you make the program provide a simple GUI  where we can check and uncheck which accounts to delete. I would be willing to pay good money for such a program. I am officially calling this the next big industry…the digital footprint eraser revolution. Who is with me?

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