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The Augmented “Social Media” Reality

When I saw Pranav Mistry describe his Sixth Sense Technology on TED back in 2009, Facebook was the clear winner in the social media space. Today, Facebook is nearing the 700 million user mark. In the TED video, Mistry described the potential of his technology by showing the social media implications. The Sixth Sense Technology was used to project Facebook type messages onto the live person’s shirt. It was definitely a ground breaking concept that I didn’t spend too much time thinking about until now.

Recently, I came across a new augmented reality company called Viewdle, which uses facial recognition software to automatically tag people for photos and videos on your mobile camera device. While the concept is not new, the reality has sunk in that an evolving form of social media is upon us. One that can quite possibly merge online social media with live social interactions. Viewdle is one in many new augmented reality software that will enhance the mobile experience and change the social media game. Could you imagine walking up to a friend and using your mobile device to display all their social media messages seconds before giving him/her a hug?

Just to play this out, I wanted to describe a positive and negative scenario using this new augmented “social media” reality. I decided to avoid the bar scenario…

Scenario 1: Imagine being at a conference and you wanted to connect with other participants. Since most people nowadays backchannel at conferences, you could use this new augmented “social media” software to recognize people through your phone and see their live tweets. Connections could surely be simpler, as you would quickly know what people are thinking [tweeting] as you walk the halls.

Scenario 2: Imagine being at school and all of sudden being surrounded by peers pointing their mobile device in your direction. You are wondering why everyone is laughing and pointing their phone at you. You check your Facebook home feed to find people tagging you with “photoshopped” pictures with inappropriate content. The cyber bullying implications can be amplified with this type of augmented reality.

There will be without a doubt one for sure outcome in this new form of augmented reality, social media will be magnified to the nth degree. There will be those who embrace it with fervor and find beneficial value in enhancing human relationships. And there will be those who despise it as a gross violation of privacy. Whether you agree or disagree with it, augmented “social media” reality has arrived.

As @mrdatahs pointed out on a response to my Viewdle tweet, “If privacy wasn’t dead before…welcome to 2011.”

Last week, I wrote a post called The Digital Footprint Eraser, and this new augmented reality only confirms that another industry will emerge as well: The Social Media Eraser. One of these companies called SocioClean, claims to be able to clean your Facebook, Myspace, and other social media from inappropriate content.

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