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Are you graciously willing to give me your Twitter Handle?

I first learned about Twitter at DevLearn 2008, when I walked by one of the monitors displaying all these tweets related to the conference. It was definitely new and I had a difficult time understanding what it really provided as a tool. But when I attended a session on Twitter and other social media tools at DevLearn, it dawned on my quickly on its potential. But at the time, I was still leery in using it as a professional medium, so I made up a digital pen name called @socratech. The name was obviously not arbitrarily chosen, as the name was a play on the Socratic method and Technology. However, my point of choosing a digital pen name was to hide my real name, Howard Chan. So I didn’t bother registering the Twitter handle of @hchan or @howardchan. While I like my @socratech Twitter handle, I would prefer to have one of the two handles mentioned instead.

After looking at the two accounts, @howardchan has not tweeted since April 2010 and @hchan has not tweeted since September 2009. Both accounts don’t appear to be used much and have a combined 57 tweets. I remember reading somewhere on Twitter policy, that you could request for those Twitter handles if they find the accounts not being used. However, I am not sure what constitutes not being used. Nevertheless, I am writing this post to ask the following question to @howardchan and @hchan: Are you graciously willing to give me your Twitter Handle? If you are out there or if you are reading this and know one of them, I would be eternally grateful if you could fulfill my request, thank you!

*Thanks to @classroom_tech for inspiring this post from your tweet: hmm… wonder if I could get either the @garnerg or @greggarner handles. those guys have a combined four tweets… maybe if I’m REALLY nice?

  1. April 26, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    I was in a similar position. I wanted to leave out the underscore from my Twitter handle and use @MattArguello. The owner of that handle hasn’t used it for years. I tried contacting Twitter to no avail. Good luck!

  2. ren
    April 27, 2011 at 5:38 am

    You gave me an idea. I’ll try contacting the owner of a twitter handle I’ve been dying to get. 🙂

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