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The “Almost” Blog Posts

Recently, I have been experiencing writer’s block and have five blog posts in the queue waiting to be completed. However, with a plethora of activity around work combined with some vacation, NBA playoffs, and family time, my focus on writing has swayed. It is unfortunate because the blog posts I have started are worth going in depth. In attempt to finally wrap up these entries, I am hoping to get some folks in my PLN to provide some guidance. Below are the several blog entries I have started, but have yet to coherently pull together a full post. Any insight, comments, and questions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Almost Blog Post #1: Maximizing Learning Opportunities, Mitigating Risk

I have been doing some self reflection on how I make technology decisions, it has always gone back to this philosophy of supporting 21st century learning opportunities, while strategically asking the tough questions to mitigate organizational risk. There are many technologies, 21st century ideas and programs out there, but…

Almost Blog Post #2: About My Path

There are a myriad of reasons and paths I went through to comfortably say Education Information Technology has become more of a lifestyle than just work. My path has taken me through three distinct job characteristics over the years, and I would categorize them in engineering, sales, and education.

Almost Blog Post #3: Innovation in Education

There are many brilliant educators who are dedicating their profession to making systematic changes to the current education system. As Christensen describes his book Disrupting Class, it is those who are redesigning education from the traditional monolithic approach to a more student centric model of learning. The book left me wanting to dig deeper with people who are championing change in the educational model. This post will serve as a compilation of people, schools, blogs, videos, articles, and research resources that have influenced my thinking towards education innovation. All, btw, had me ask more questions than answers.

Almost Blog Post #4: Thoughts on Disrupting Class

I finally got around to reading Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen, and it left me wanting to dig deeper into “student-centric” learning. It felt like a precursor to another book or chapter that would provide a framework for “student-centric” technologies and case studies of what it l0oks like. What I did find inspiring about the book was the

While I enjoyed the business and technology angle in the book, I felt Clayton didn’t completely capture what it means to have “student-centric” learning. He does point out that online learning will play an important role in…

Almost Blog Post #5: Keep the Flame Burning

A colleague of mine provided some words of wisdom in the often challenging world of promoting educational technology. As I have written in previous posts such as “The Boiling Frog” EdTech Metaphor, sharing your passion for edtech can leave some jumping out of the pot real quickly if not carefully simmered amongst the culture. While that can be frustrating for some of us in this profession, we have to remind ourselves that our philosophy of teaching…

At some point, I will get around to finishing what I started…

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