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Big Thinkers in Education

This is my list of people in education who have inspired me as well as many others in education. While Sir Ken Robinson, Diane Ravitch and Milton Chen are obvious, here are others who have inspired me to think bigger…Who has inspired you?

Carol Dweck – Her research on growth mindset has inspired me to never use the words “smart” with students.

Jeff Duncan-Andrade – His research using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs inspired his Tupac Shakur’s Roses in Concrete idea. I have worked in under-served communities for all of my educational profession, and his work has provided insight in how to reach our urban youth.

David Warlick – If it was his session a few years ago that lead me into social media as a professional tool.

Tim O’Reilly – The man who coined the term web 2.0 has provided the guidance in how read write web integrates into schools.

Dave Levin and Michael Feinberg – Their visionary work in opening charter schools during the early 90’s has paved the way for others to rethink schools in America.

Henry Jenkins – USC Professor of Journalism, Communication, and Cinematic Arts has guided the discussion on new media and participatory culture.

Salman Khan – I think the idea has been more inspirational than the actually work from Khan Academy. His approach to education is causing many to rethink how instruction can be delivered to students.

Clayton Christensen – His book Disrupting Class has provided me continued motivation in rethinking education. I really enjoyed the various industry analogies of disruptive innovations.

Punya Mishra – His work on Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) has provided a technology integration framework for teachers.

Paula Tallal – Neuroscience has become of great interest to me recently, and her research on cognitive neuroscience is opening my eyes to brain plasticity.

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  1. June 30, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Great blog topic. Kiran Bir Sethi from the TED talk teaching kids to take charge is definitely on my list. I had the opportunity to show her video to a class of 4th graders two years ago and watch them stunned and amazed at what they could do.

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