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KSS 2011: EdTech Session Resources

Here is a compilation of links and resources that will be discussed during the edtech sessions at KSS this coming week. Thank you for participating in the session(s) and I hope to collaborate with you in the near future.

EdTech Reports: 2011 Horizon Report, 2011 Horizon Report K12 Edition, Rise of K12 Blended Learning, Digital Learning Now Report, Next Generation Assessments Roadmap to 2014, AUP in a Web 2.0 and Mobile Era, Children and Electronic Media, Media in the Lives of 8 to 18 Year Olds, Managing Learning: Next Generation Learning Systems, The MILE Guide, PBS Technology Integration, Learning in the 21st Century: Taking it Mobile, National Education Technology Plan

Cloud computing/Web-based systems/SaaS/Cloud applications: Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Office 365, Zoho, Edmodo, iCloud, JayCut, SlideRocket, SplashUp

Mobile: Augmented Reality Apps, Mobile Learning Experience, iPads in Education Ning, iPads for Education, 40 Ways to Use QR Codes, M-Learning: Promises, Perils and Challenges for K12, PollEverywhere, QR Code Generator, Layar Browser

Game-Based Education: Games and Learning report from Future Labs, Engineering Design Tools for K12, Gamestar Mechanic, Scratch, Kodu Labs, Alice, Quest 2 Learn, Airy Labs, Compilation of Game-Based Education Links

Open Content: CK12, Curriki, NROC, OER Commons, Open Text Book, California Open Source Textbook Project, Khan Academy, WikiEducator

Learning Analytics: SNAPP, Delicious Bookmark on Learning Analytics, Illuminate

Personalize Learning Environments: Is this a PLE?, The PLN Matures, The Open Learning Network

EdTech Video Links:

PollEverywhere Question: What emerging technology interests you most?

WallWisher Question: What technology tools do you use in the classroom?

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