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#EduIT Nominated in Best Twitter Hashtags Category

Glad to see #EduIT hashtag get recognized in the EduBlogs Awards Blog. Thank you to whomever nominated the hashtag! It is an honor to see it amongst the other great education hashtags on Twitter. No chance on winning, but happy to see it on the list.

A special thank you to @EdTechSandyK for giving props to #EduIT on her blog post: 2011 EduBlog Award Nominations

Click here to vote for Best Twitter Hashtag 2011.

For those not familiar with #EduIT hashtag, here is an old post: The #EduIT Contributors…Keep it Growing!

Back in January 2010:

“To keep the productive EdTech and IT discussion going, I decided to create a Twitter hashtag devoted to technologists who work in the Information Technology Department at educational institutions. As brilliant as the #edchat discussion are, I thought a separate hashtag would serve beneficial to those focused on topics and questions related to school technology infrastructures. There is a growing need for clear communication between EdTech and IT, and I hope we can bridge the two departments with the #EduIT hashtag.”

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