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Yahoo Group – Edupreneur Jobs + PLN Jobs Google Doc

March 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Yahoo Group – Edupreneur Jobs

Yes, I know I have been on this helping get people jobs kick for a couple weeks now, but I just want to share all the wonderful opportunities that are available in education. This Yahoo Group called Edupreneur Jobs is a unique forum where innovative schools and organizations are posting jobs in education. If you are looking to work in education in more than just a teaching capacity, I suggest you subscribe to this group and check out the job postings. From the header, New Schools Venture Fund is administering the group.

Education PLN Jobs Google Doc

Looking for a new job? Well, why not leverage the power of our PLN and spread the news about openings occurring in your area. I have created a Google Doc called PLN: Education Job Opportunities and it is open to post a job for others to check out. You may not be the hiring manager, but you might have some connection to the position. Even if you have no influence on the hiring process, it doesn’t hurt to share the positions you know about. The best positions are often the ones that come from your professional and personal network. Please help grow this list and let’s get our PLN connected to new opportunities! Thanks.

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…What shortage?

March 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Recently, the educational technology space has seen rapid growth in both the private sector and public school system. With the marketing push from a variety of stakeholders, the so called 21st century learning environment is creating new positions in the education space. Buzz terms like Blended Learning, STEM, Challenged-Based Learning, PBL, Web 2.0, Flipped Classrooms, 1:1 Classrooms, Online Learning, and many more are creating new roles for educators to pursue. It is becoming apparent that money and resources are moving towards these “innovative” ways of teaching and learning. Jobs opportunities are opening up more and more…

While it may seem there are many educators (as seen on Twitter/LinkedIn) who are experienced in many of the above, the reality is quite different. At least the experience has been quite difficult for me. I am often approached with positions that need to be filled in the roles above through a variety of connections. Unfortunately, it has been a struggle to find the educators who qualify or show interest for the positions. Maybe it is a California problem…but I want to open up this post to educators who really want to jump into this amazing field of educational technology. If you have the skills and desire to work in educational technology (specifically CA), I would be happy to connect because the opportunities are there, and finding talent has been the hard part. You can connect with me through this blog, or my Twitter handle @socratech.

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Sometimes Educators Just Need To Hear It From Someone Else…

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Have you ever said to yourself, “But that is what I have been trying to tell/show you all along?”

I know in our roles we take great pride for training our staff to use technology in the classroom. But humility goes a long way…

It takes a little humility to accept that sometimes educators have to hear the message from someone/something else in order for self-actualization to occur. No matter how often and clearly you convey your evangelism on technology integration, some people are just not prepared (for whatever reason) to transform your message into action. They may understand you conceptually, but operationalizing your message is another story. While you continue to repeat and model your message in differentiated ways, sometimes the answer is to bring someone/something else to get your message through.

So don’t get mad, jealous, or annoyed, try to stay focused on your mission of evolving classrooms into 21st century learning environments. In fact, rejoice that certain staff members have embraced the change, even though it may have not come from you that particular day. Although the light bulb didn’t directly come from you that day (which can be a pride thing), the determined evangelism from you enabled them to reach that tipping point.

*Definitely the lesson I learned over the years…and I am still continuing to learn. Pride can be a tough one to overcome.

“I Am Going To Like School” Poem

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Originally, the “I Am Going To Like School” story was going to be a “read to me” ebook with colorful illustrations. While the thought of a published ebook is cool, I thought opening up this story to the broader educational community is even cooler. So I have decided to turn this story into a global PLN collaborative project for others to create and add to the growing narrative…”I Am Going To Like School.”

As a philanthropic approach to this project, I have decided to add a donation piece to the narrative. For every creative poetic phrase that is added to the story, I will donate $1 to a DonorsChoose Project. The story will be placed under Creative Commons licensing (not to be used commercially). Please add your poetic phrase in the comments section and have your name added to the narrative. *Only approved comments will be added to the narrative. Thank you!

*I am also in need of creative illustrators who are willing to volunteer their artistic genius to the narrative. If you are interested, feel free to email me at howardhchan at gmail.

“I Am Going To Like School” Poem by Howard Chan

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