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Sometimes Educators Just Need To Hear It From Someone Else…

Have you ever said to yourself, “But that is what I have been trying to tell/show you all along?”

I know in our roles we take great pride for training our staff to use technology in the classroom. But humility goes a long way…

It takes a little humility to accept that sometimes educators have to hear the message from someone/something else in order for self-actualization to occur. No matter how often and clearly you convey your evangelism on technology integration, some people are just not prepared (for whatever reason) to transform your message into action. They may understand you conceptually, but operationalizing your message is another story. While you continue to repeat and model your message in differentiated ways, sometimes the answer is to bring someone/something else to get your message through.

So don’t get mad, jealous, or annoyed, try to stay focused on your mission of evolving classrooms into 21st century learning environments. In fact, rejoice that certain staff members have embraced the change, even though it may have not come from you that particular day. Although the light bulb didn’t directly come from you that day (which can be a pride thing), the determined evangelism from you enabled them to reach that tipping point.

*Definitely the lesson I learned over the years…and I am still continuing to learn. Pride can be a tough one to overcome.

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