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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…What shortage?

Recently, the educational technology space has seen rapid growth in both the private sector and public school system. With the marketing push from a variety of stakeholders, the so called 21st century learning environment is creating new positions in the education space. Buzz terms like Blended Learning, STEM, Challenged-Based Learning, PBL, Web 2.0, Flipped Classrooms, 1:1 Classrooms, Online Learning, and many more are creating new roles for educators to pursue. It is becoming apparent that money and resources are moving towards these “innovative” ways of teaching and learning. Jobs opportunities are opening up more and more…

While it may seem there are many educators (as seen on Twitter/LinkedIn) who are experienced in many of the above, the reality is quite different. At least the experience has been quite difficult for me. I am often approached with positions that need to be filled in the roles above through a variety of connections. Unfortunately, it has been a struggle to find the educators who qualify or show interest for the positions. Maybe it is a California problem…but I want to open up this post to educators who really want to jump into this amazing field of educational technology. If you have the skills and desire to work in educational technology (specifically CA), I would be happy to connect because the opportunities are there, and finding talent has been the hard part. You can connect with me through this blog, or my Twitter handle @socratech.

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