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Teaching and Learning in Ghana

Recently, I had the unique opportunity to visit the country of Ghana and work with teachers and proprietors in how to integrate technology within their schools. It was inspiring to see passionate educators wanting to use technology in their schools. They persevered for 7 days learning how to use ICT tools and learned how to effectively integrate these tools in their curriculum. We ended with a culminating project where each group was given a specific technology tool and was asked to create a lesson plan how to effectively integrate technology with a Ghanaian education standard. While I was there to teach and train, I certainly learned more than I taught.

We followed up the training by visiting several schools in Koforidua and Swedru and really experienced the environment that we hope to effectively integrate technology to enhance learning.

Here is the Edify blog post about the training: Teacher Training in Ghana

Here are some pictures from my trip:

It was pretty cool to see how the Ghanaians revere Barack Obama. His picture was on various notebooks and even on pencil boxes.

Sometimes you needed back up generators and prepaid electricity cards to power up the computer labs.

Students working on Khan Academy and other offline educational software.

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  1. June 5, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    hi, i read through your page and i am intersted to know what your program is about, i actually have a group of teacthers who will love to attend a seminars for teachers. kindly reply on your next seminar: date, venue.
    looking forward to your reply



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