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Don’t Throw Your Monitors Away…Chromebox Has Arrived

Google announced recently the new Chromebox, which is a compact form factor computing device running Chrome OS. While the Chromebooks are gaining popularity with schools, I am intrigued with the Chromebox at the price point of $329. With 4GB of RAM, dual-band WiFi, display output ports (HDMI, DVI, VGA), and 6 USB ports, it might be a sensible option for schools who want to leverage existing desktop infrastructure. Since monitors tend to last longer than your computing devices, using the Chromebox might be a cheaper option to replace your legacy desktops. It has more processing power and memory than the $349 Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. Obviously, you will need to move to a Google and cloud environment. But if that is not an issue, than replacing your desktops with Chromebox while recycling existing monitors, keyboards, and mice might just be the right budget solution for schools. Oh btw…it will surely decrease technical support issues for the IT department.

CNET gives it an Editor’s Rating of 3/5 stars. Here is the full review: Samsung Chromebox Series 3

Another in depth review of Chromebooks, Chromebox, and Chrome OS: Chrome OS Grows Up

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