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“Change Happens at the Speed of Trust” – #STEAMConf14


One of the more profound quotes I have heard in quite awhile. Not only did I have the pleasure of attending the first ASCEND Conference at Qualcomm yesterday, I was honored to guest tweet for the hosting organization @steamconnect. As the social media guest for the day, I tried to capture events as they were happening and quotes that were meaningful for me. The one message that stood out for me was brought up by Denise Grande who quoted an employee of Boeing in her presentation, “Change happens at the speed of trust.

There were an array of presentations yesterday representing policy makers, educators, industry, non-profits, research, and even students. In my opinion, the students of EastLake High School dance team were definitely one of the big successes in the entire conference. While I won’t go into all the details of each speaker (you can check my @steamconnect tweets), the overall message was to continue to challenge all of us to work together in defining, advocating, researching and implementing STEAM education. A noble cause that aligns with my belief in intersecting the Arts with STEM education.

The positive energy was palpable with the many different STEAM stakeholders, and you left the day with plenty of hope. It was inspiring yet also left me asking more questions. For me, this often happens at conferences where we bring “like minds” together and, for the most part, we are preaching to the choir. Replete with inspiration, we then go back to our separate worlds and face immediate challenges that stray us from what inspired us in the first place. For some, it pushes us to work even harder; for others, it is deflating. Yet the quote above leaves me with hope that change can happen despite the challenges. We just have to adjust the lens and begin with something more simple. Building and maintaining trust is the prerequisite to change.

Post for another day, but keeping my thoughts on this subject of change: F3 (Find the Found First)

The funny part is that it brings me back to the conference where I have met all the found. Now the challenge is to connect the found with everyone else. There was a great quote from Ed Hidalgo from Qualcomm: “How do you aspire for something that you don’t know exists?” I thank @steamconnect again for the opportunity and will continue to collaborate with the many innovative and creative people who attended the ASCEND Conference yesterday. Change takes time and it all begins with building relationships with each other. I look forward to connecting with many of you.

My other favorite quote from yesterday: “We can teach our workforce to write code, what we need is employees to imagine what we need to write code for.” -Grande

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