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With the viral buzz that Code.org is generating around coding in education, we need a similar push for financial literacy. For someone who has been advocating for coding in K12 education for years, it has been fulfilling to see the growth of Hour of Code in schools and classrooms this week. I am a big fan of what Code.org has created and the collaborations they have made with industry, government, entertainment and education. It is my hope that the week inspires coding in K12 on a regular basis. And yes I am quoting Ashton Kutcher, “Computer science belongs in every public school, right next to biology, chemistry, or Algebra.” Now it is time to make a push for another important topic that students need regular exposure too, and that is Financial Literacy.

As I recollect in my K12 education, there were very few times when I really explored financial literacy. It was always tied to a money-based math problem or some career day visit from a “business” guy. But nothing in depth to fully understand the adult financial world I live in today. I would love to see some foundational finance basics be a regular part of our K12 experience to give every student an opportunity, just how Code.org is giving anyone an opportunity to learn coding.

It was good to see Khan partner with Bank of America as a first step with Better Money Habits. However, I dream for a similar Code.org collaboration in hopes to create what I call #HourOfFinance.

So I leave this idea for someone to build the platform and share with the K12 education community…thank you in advance! A simple credit would suffice.

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