I Am Going To Like School…

I Am Going to Like School… by Howard Chan

I am going to like school…when I can bring my own tool, like my mobile device which will make my learning twice as nice!

I am going to learn better…when I am not lectured forever, PowerPoint included…which often leaves me convoluted.

I am going to write deeper…when my audience is more than just a teacher, like blogging on the web, which is more widespread.

I am going to understand math…once I follow a personalized path, where playing a manipulative, watching a video and interactive game are part of the aim.

I am going to like my class…when web 2.0 will surpass, where old ways of passive learning is overturning.

I am going to like my teacher…when he is more than a preacher, where being a guide on the side give us more pride and makes me feel more alive.

I am going to complete my homework…when it evolves from just paperwork, where projects are the norm and worksheets are old form.

I am going to read with more passion…when traditional textbooks are no longer in fashion, where wikis, tweets, and rss feeds are considered quality reads.

I am going to pass this state test, even though I contest, wondering when all this political nonsense will finally be put to rest.

I am going to experience science…when we go beyond standards compliance, where projects, inquiry, and a real experiment make our class filled with merriment.

I am going to relive history…when scripted lessons are no longer a mystery, where theatre, field trips, and debates create an environment that stimulates.

I am going to ask more questions and collaborate with suggestions, be an active learner developing 21st century skills and leaving behind all those boring rote drills.

I dream of an education, where I am not bounded by location, when students, teachers, and classes all over the world are connected as one learning nation!

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