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Evolving Google Apps for Edu

December 29, 2010 1 comment

After reading the article Google Pushes Education Software Through App Store, I began thinking about the next step for Google Apps for Education. Now that many classes, schools, and districts are using GA4E with their students, I find the next logical step for Google is to start partnering with educational software tools to provide a wider breadth of applications. It is a brilliant move! Google hooked us educators with a great web platform; and now they can leverage the user base to get these 3rd party companies to sell us products. I have always said, the education sector is the next big industry and technology is driving that business. Since GA4E is a simple and robust administrative platform, it will make it easy for technology administrators to bring in new education applications into their infrastructure without much overhead. If evolved strategically, GA4E can become the web platform for the next generation edtech initiatives. Can you imagine in the future, GA4E integrating with Learning Management Systems, SIS, virtual worlds, and online interactive education content? You would have to think Google had this in mind prior to launching a free Google Apps for Education…muahahah!

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Why Google Sites Works For Our Schools?

September 25, 2010 5 comments

It is obvious Google Sites will never be a Dreamweaver design platform. It is also obvious Google Sites will never be robust as a wikispaces or pbworks.  What Google Sites does provide is a practical and simple communication platform to disseminate information quickly, either as an internal site or external site within our Google Apps for Education domain. Giving our teachers and staff choices to build sites either as private and public websites allows flexibility in how they decide to roll out information. We have adopted a model where the teachers create classroom web pages as public external sites, while also building internal school sites that share resources and information across the seven academies. The other advantages to the Google Site system is the ability to embed all our shared internal calendars and lesson plans shared on Google Docs. While any software program requires professional development to maximize use, Google Sites is a program that requires less than half a day of training. You can quickly deploy Google Sites to provide a central repository for all your school’s information, public or private. We now have internal Google Sites managed by various staff and teachers providing information from Human Resources to our parent/community collaborative website. While we will never reach CSS status on Google Sites, we will however get content out across our seven academies and community in a timely and effective manner. Did I also say I don’t manage any web servers and pay for all of this…

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