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#EduIT Nominated in Best Twitter Hashtags Category

December 9, 2011 Leave a comment

Glad to see #EduIT hashtag get recognized in the EduBlogs Awards Blog. Thank you to whomever nominated the hashtag! It is an honor to see it amongst the other great education hashtags on Twitter. No chance on winning, but happy to see it on the list.

A special thank you to @EdTechSandyK for giving props to #EduIT on her blog post: 2011 EduBlog Award Nominations

Click here to vote for Best Twitter Hashtag 2011.

For those not familiar with #EduIT hashtag, here is an old post: The #EduIT Contributors…Keep it Growing!

Back in January 2010:

“To keep the productive EdTech and IT discussion going, I decided to create a Twitter hashtag devoted to technologists who work in the Information Technology Department at educational institutions. As brilliant as the #edchat discussion are, I thought a separate hashtag would serve beneficial to those focused on topics and questions related to school technology infrastructures. There is a growing need for clear communication between EdTech and IT, and I hope we can bridge the two departments with the #EduIT hashtag.”


The Growing Need For #EduIT

April 19, 2010 1 comment

Over the past few months on Twitter, I have seen several blog posts regarding issues between teachers and school technology administrators. Majority of the posts come from teachers and edtech specialists expressing frustration that information technology administrators don’t get their instructional needs. In almost every post, a rebuttal comment from IT admins spark animated discussions back and forth. They are great discussions and it only supports my vision for a growing need of education information technology hybrid specialists.

On Twitter, I see many teachers and edtech professionals “geeking” out, and conversely, I see many IT admins participating on teacher #edchats. There is interest in both worlds, and until we have EdIT degrees and certifications, the #EduIT hashtag is the closet you will get to a hybrid world. Join “education” minded Information Technologists & “geeked-out” EdTech Specialists, in this resourceful best tech practices forum that tackles current and next generation K12 infrastructures.

#Hashtag Question?

December 6, 2009 1 comment

It is unusual to blog about a microblogging question, but I couldn’t express it in 140 characters.

The hashtag concept on Twitter allows for PLN conversations to stay focused on a particular topic. For example, the #edtech has been a popular hashtag used by many educational technology professionals and teachers to discuss topics related on instructional technologies. I am a follower of such hashtags and enjoy exchanging dialogue with the other people in the PLN. I am also a fan of using such hashtags at conferences to further reflect and extend the conversation in real-time. For example, I followed the #dl09 hashtag for DevLearn 2009. I wasn’t present this year, but was able to get some resourceful information by simply following the conversation.

My question is related to Tweeting at a conference when using hashtags. My dilemma is that our conference is uniquely large, but also intimate to our charter school network. I want to implement a hashtag conversation for our conference, but want the dialogue to be closed to only participants in the network. I tried thinking of solutions such as asking all participants to protect their Tweets that week, but I find that too difficult to enforce. This is where I am stuck without a solution…Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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