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IE9 Browser Review

March 18, 2011 3 comments

With the rise of Google Chrome, Apple rival Safari and steady browser alternative Firefox, you would have thought Explorer would be fourth on the list. So it still baffles me when I hear Internet Explorer still controls 60% of the browser market, but I have to keep in mind that enterprise networks are still Microsoft heavy. Personally, I rarely use Explorer and I rather prefer Chrome and Firefox as my go to browsers. But when I heard IE9 was coming out today, I had to give it a try. Below are some high/low lights from my first drive on IE9.

  • #fail It forced a restart on my computer after installation
  • First impression: Google Chrome knockoff…
  • All the cumbersome buttons have been removed leaving it lighter from a user interface
  • The tabs are smaller and easier to navigate on the tool bar
  • 2 new enhancements: HTML5 support & a faster new JavaScript engine called Chakra
  • You can now pin a shortcut to a website on the taskbar…Like!
  • Searching feature is similar to Google Chrome
  • Haven’t tested the security features, but IE9 touts stronger security capability with native scanning of active downloads for malware and spyware.

Overall, I am impressed with the upgrade of Explorer because of the simpler, faster and lighter new version of browsing. However, I don’t plan on switching from Chrome and Firefox anytime soon. In true Microsoft form, they develop products after a competitor forces them to change. From Windows 7 Phone to Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft seems to be always playing catch up with the Apples and Googles of the world.


Click Your Own Adventure

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure, the students of MC Tech created their very own click your own adventure stories using Microsoft PowerPoint, Sliderocket, TuxPaint, and their own imagination. The students created a children’s story, where the reader can choose which path to take in the story by clicking buttons on the slides. It engaged my students to produce their own original art from TuxPaint, as well as writing their own children’s story using digital technology to enhance the experience. You can view some of the projects on our class website.

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