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Click Your Own Adventure

December 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Inspired by Choose Your Own Adventure, the students of MC Tech created their very own click your own adventure stories using Microsoft PowerPoint, Sliderocket, TuxPaint, and their own imagination. The students created a children’s story, where the reader can choose which path to take in the story by clicking buttons on the slides. It engaged my students to produce their own original art from TuxPaint, as well as writing their own children’s story using digital technology to enhance the experience. You can view some of the projects on our class website.


Can Edmodo Be The Web 2.0 Hub For Education?

December 6, 2009 1 comment

The more I use Edmodo with my students, and the more I am finding new web 2.0 apps that can be embedded into Edmodo, I could envision the website as the hub for digital learning in the K12 market. As of today, I have been able to embed YouTube, MyStudiyo, SlideRocket, & Slideshare into Edmodo. The ability to embed HTML coding from other web apps really provides a unique opportunity to bring the best of the web into Edmodo. If more websites provide the embedding code such as the apps above, Edmodo could become the forum to post all my projects. My students could create and complete all their assignments with other apps such as SlideRocket, and then embed the presentation into Edmodo. The collaboration and communication provided on Edmodo could really enhance the experience of all the other apps. The combination of the private communication platform and the ability to embed third party apps into program has some interesting potential for Edmodo. Lets hope Edmodo continues the good work and more importantly, lets hope more web 2.0 companies provide their code to allow us to embed it into Edmodo.

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