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Student Management Platform

November 13, 2010 Leave a comment

What in heavens is SSO SMP? What an acronym nightmare? It is probably not the best naming convention for my framework, but it is the only name I can come up with for the moment. SSO SMP stands for Single-Sign On Student Management Platform. It refers to my previous post about the All-In-One K12 Software Solution. The picture to the right is an image of the framework where the three major systems will intelligently integrate with each other. For those who are unaware of the three systems pictured to the right, CMS/LMS refers to Content Management System/Learning Management System (ex. Moodle), SIS refers to Student Information Systems (ex. PowerSchool), and SMS refers to Standards Management System (ex. Data Director).

How these systems intelligently integrate with each other is the missing component of SSO SMP? There are superior individual products that tackle respective systems, but there have been no clear solutions that tightly wovens the three systems together. Any venture capitalists interested in investing in a product?

This framework is a design collaboration between dwilson and hchan.

Socratech Seminars by Howard Chan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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Brokers of Expertise

October 6, 2010 1 comment

Back in March, I wrote an entry about developing a Standards Management System for teachers to share and access resources related to California State Standards. The California Department of Education has answered my needs by finally launching a social networking site for teachers that will house resources related to CA standards. The website is called Brokers of Expertise.

When I first signed up for an account I was skeptical because it felt like another social networking site trying to get teachers to collaborate. While it was fine that the site has discussion boards and groups, I was more intrigued in the standards section. It was in that part of the website that answered my need for a standards management system. The site breaks down the standards by subject, grade level, content standard, and sub-standard. And within those standards, it has a link to resources (ppt, links, lessons) related to that particular standard. Moreover, it also has crowd-sourcing capabilities for teachers to vote on favorites to start filtering out all the resources. It also shows how many people have viewed the resource. Keep in mind that a only a few hundred teachers are on the site. Can you imagine if tens and thousands of California educators began sharing their resources and started to crowdsource the information to some level of sanity. Teachers now have a viable standards management system to help tackle the CST’s. I certainly hope more people start using Brokers of Expertise.

Standards Management System (SMS)

March 10, 2010 1 comment

Like it or not, state standards are here to stay, and finding solutions to help our schools is a burgeoning topic in education information technology. There are several solutions on the market that offer standards data assessment solutions such as Data Director, Edusoft, and NWEA. Data driven assessments are then used to drive instruction in hopes to master standards. Although these solutions are great for assessment, I am finding the need for a content management system that will provide resources and content on state standards. Bridging the data from a SMS to resources on a CMS is the challenge I am looking to design.

In lieu of a solution that I have yet to find, I think that Google Apps Education along with the social concept of crowdsourcing might be the solution I am looking for. In this particular case, I want to leverage the knowledge database of our practicing teachers. Using Google Sites and Google Docs, I want to create a CMS focused solely on standards. I want to have a system that will have a dedicated page for every state standard. For example, Geometry standard 9.0 will have a wiki page dedicated on resources, lessons, and discussions. It will be an evolving wiki that is generated by the hard working teachers fighting in the trenches. I am still formulating the social culture of the wiki, but at its foundation, it should provide teachers best practices on how to achieve mastery of a specific standard. Eventually, I dream to grow this evolving CMS for every teacher in California to use someday.

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