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Students As Teachers

February 14, 2010 3 comments

It has been a hit or miss at times when training teachers with using technology. I use different professional development strategies such as 1:1 training, peer-based learning, formal instruction, and virtual sessions. All have pros and cons when working with a diverse group of teachers.

I want to experiment with another method of reaching teachers by having my students become the technology trainers. I have an advanced group of students who work with me every morning on various technology projects. We have worked on many projects together using web 2.0 tools such as GoAnimate, MyStudiyo, and Wikispaces. Some of my students even provide tech support by going out to fix and troubleshoot computers for the school.

The students’ project is to select one staff member and show them how to use the zooming presentation editor tool called Prezi. I hope using students to model technology tools will motivate teachers in using Prezi and other web 2.0 applications. I am excited about this experiment and hoping for 100% success. I told them I will assess their project by checking if the teacher will actually use the software in his/her classroom. No pressure at all 🙂

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Can Edmodo Be The Web 2.0 Hub For Education?

December 6, 2009 1 comment

The more I use Edmodo with my students, and the more I am finding new web 2.0 apps that can be embedded into Edmodo, I could envision the website as the hub for digital learning in the K12 market. As of today, I have been able to embed YouTube, MyStudiyo, SlideRocket, & Slideshare into Edmodo. The ability to embed HTML coding from other web apps really provides a unique opportunity to bring the best of the web into Edmodo. If more websites provide the embedding code such as the apps above, Edmodo could become the forum to post all my projects. My students could create and complete all their assignments with other apps such as SlideRocket, and then embed the presentation into Edmodo. The collaboration and communication provided on Edmodo could really enhance the experience of all the other apps. The combination of the private communication platform and the ability to embed third party apps into program has some interesting potential for Edmodo. Lets hope Edmodo continues the good work and more importantly, lets hope more web 2.0 companies provide their code to allow us to embed it into Edmodo.

Dreaming Big…

November 22, 2009 Leave a comment

I often write to express my thoughts and reflect on my profession, hoping to share and collaborate with colleagues and peers. Today, I write in hopes to be heard. Today, I have been inspired to finally write this grand idea that has been brewing for quite awhile. It is in fact “dreaming big…”

I have been in the educational technology field for a few years now and have fully embraced the concept of web 2.0 as the 21st century way of learning. In the past three years, I have built a technology program at our school that embodies collaboration, problem solving skills and innovation. From my engineering class to our teacher professional development program (TEKA), our school has embraced 21st century learning. This year has been particularly successful as we have moved to a Google Apps environment for our collaboration efforts. The real time collaborative environment allows staff members to communicate more effectively and share knowledge to truly create a personal learning network (PLN). Our ever growing internal wiki has expanded ten fold with information and lessons tailored for our environment. I can safely say we are an empowered group of learners who understands self-directed learning in a collaborative environment.

With much success at our school, I have been inspired to see how this PLN can grow to our bigger charter network. Upon reflection, I couldn’t think of a better way to promote the web 2.0 concept than at our annual charter school conference. Having been inspired by collaborative efforts at other conferences, I thought using web 2.0 tools at our annual conference would be a game-changing idea.

Our annual charter conference brings together the brilliant minds and passionate educators from all over the nation. For the past three years, I have come away inspired and motivated to teach after our week of collaboration. However, I have come to the realization that despite the inspiration that comes from the conference, the knowledge and collaboration efforts that extend after the conference has been comparatively minute. I also come to realization that during the conference, the chances of more collaboration and instant reflections may not be fully materialized without using technology to drive the conversation.

Dreaming Big…

I remember going to a conference over a year ago where I was first introduced to Twitter and how it was used at the conference at that point was beyond my scope. However, having used Twitter actively now for the past three months, I finally put together the purpose of using Twitter at that conference and the potential impact it can have on information sharing. The concepts of web 2.0 has been around for many years now and trying to describe it here is not going to turn any heads.

Instead, I want to connect web 2.0 with our annual charter conference. I want to dream someday that our conference will utilize web 2.0 tools such as Twitter to spark conversations with true real time collaboration. I can envision being at one of the sessions and “tweeting” my reflections on the speaker and having another teacher responding to my thoughts in real time. I also see  others learning from each other through the #conversations and archiving people’s topics and links. Moreover, having several active television monitors spread across the conference for people to learn and be in the “know” of what is going on at the conference. Active live “tweets” will take the conference into a whole new level of real time reflections, surveys, and polls. Using other web 2.0 tools such as wikis to archive and Poll Everywhere to get instant feedback will bring and keep new ideas into fruition. The best part of Twitter is that mobile technologies allow the individual to post their thoughts instantly through Internet ready phones or texting capabilities.

I dream of having having a booth (Adelante Cafe) with my students teaching teachers how to use web 2.0 technologies such as Twitter and Edmodo at the conference. It would be a sight to see my students helping the conference participants logging on Twitter and learning how to RT and create #edchats about our #kss10 conference. It would be a beautiful thing to see the power of the crowd produce content rather than just listening to content throughout the conference. In my humble opinion, it will greatly enhance the experience of the week as all teachers and staff members will feel actively involved, as they share out their reflections, ideas, and information in real time.

I write this idea inspired by one of our program’s important mottos of “Dreaming Big…”

Microblogging Dilemma

November 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Ever since I have started to micro blog on Twitter, Facebook, and other web 2.0 apps, I have slowly lost my patience for questionnaires, surveys requesting paragraphs, and grants asking for thoughtful responses. Recently, I have been asked to fill out some applications, recommendations, and surveys for various institutions, and writer’s block is definitely in action. Maybe it is the pen, but even online questionnaires are daunting and I am almost hesitant to fill it out. Has the fast-paced real-time web 2.0 world poisoned my desire for the long-winded answers? In fact, I despise  listening to my voicemail, and reading long emails now. Maybe this blog entry is too long? I wonder if my students feel the same way? Does everything have to be in bullet form? Whatever the reason, it is alarming how quickly I have changed because of 21st century technologies.

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